Time and Attendance Systems

Since the age of pendulum clocks, employers have been trying to devise ways of measuring accurately the amount of time their staff actually spend on the job. The practical value of this information is obvious, as the data acquired can be used to measure performance, productivity and punctuality, as well as to ensure that employees are paid accurately and commensurate with their hours.

There are various types of time and attendance systems – from time punch clocks to badge readers; from biometrics to voice recognition. Such hardware can easily be integrated with a bespoke computer package, which in turn facilitates accurate reporting, and performance evaluation. As well as tracking and monitoring attendance, automated time and attendance systems can also report on each job or task performed during the day, and this data can in turn be correlated with accounts.

Because of the increasing need for time and attendance solutions throughout the UK, many business services providers are now offering a broad range of tailored services to help employers track and manage their performance more effectively. Such services include the following:

  • Performance and absence trend visibility
  • Workload and roster management
  • Compliance with WTR (working time regulations)
  • Overtime management
  • Full integration with payroll, HR or accounts
  • Biometric clocking-on equipment

Due to the increasing demand for time and attendance solutions, there is a broad range of services on the market that cater for businesses of varying sizes. It can therefore be difficult and time-consuming for employers to source trusted companies who can assist them with gaining higher visibility of their staff’s performance and productivity.

Tendervendors assists employers by approaching only the market-leaders in time and attendance solutions on their behalf, without charge. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the business services sector, and use this expertise to gather quotes from quality suppliers based on their track record and reputation for quality services.

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