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In an age where individuals and businesses alike are increasingly reliant on computer technology, the financial consequences of a mismanaged IT infrastructure can be catastrophic. With one power shortage or system failure, hundreds of gigabytes of extremely valuable data can be gone in an instant, and the resulting damage to the business can take considerable time and expense to rectify.

Some companies have chosen to negate the risks posed by poor IT management by outsourcing their IT requirements to a dedicated ‘MSP’ or Managed Service Provider. Particularly in sectors where a continuity of service is vital, outsourced IT support packages enable organizations to maintain a high level of service at low cost to the business.

Many IT support companies are now offering a broad range of tailored packages to help businesses maintain continuity. Such services include the following:

  • 24 hour IT support help-lines
  • Antivirus management and support
  • Back-up success checks
  • Disaster recovery
  • Disk health monitoring
  • Onsite IT support
  • Workstation monitoring
  • Windows server update services

With so many IT support companies offering these solutions, and each with its own service model and price structure, it can be a difficult and time-consuming task for companies to search for IT support providers that can meet their individual requirements and budget.

Tendervendors helps businesses by approaching only the market-leaders in IT support on behalf of our clients, free of charge. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the business services sector, and use this expertise to gather quotes from quality suppliers based on their track record and reputation for quality services.

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