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As businesses develop and grow, and employment legislation becomes increasingly complex, the need for robust HR systems or HRMS (Human Resource Management Systems) becomes increasingly evident. The traditional ‘filing cabinet’ approach is becoming more and more obsolete, while the fully integrated personnel database is emerging as the preferred choice for organizations wishing to maintain full compliance with legislation while tracking vital information regarding personnel.

The specifications and level of complexity for any HR system is very much determined by the number of employees, the capacity of the HR department, and the number of sites that are managed by the company. Larger companies in particular also need to consider the cost-effectiveness of integrating HR with payroll to avoid the duplication of administrative data collation. There may also be tangible benefits for some companies who opt to integrate their HR system with their time and attendance solution in order to improve the overall visibility of the performance and productivity of their workers, and to better coordinate vital HR processes.

Whether they be in-house solutions or outsourced services, HR systems play a wide variety of roles for businesses both large and small. They are capable of managing the personnel cycle from beginning to end, from regulating the recruitment and ‘starters’ process to managing leavers, and ensuring a smooth transition in both instances. They can also monitor training and development, keep track of crucial changes to employee data, and initiate valuable ‘prompts’ for senior HR staff to ensure that processes are implemented on schedule.

Many HR system suppliers and are now offering a broad range of products and services to help employers of all sizes save time and money in this crucial area. Such systems may feature the following:

  • Recruitment management
  • Disciplinary process tracking
  • Monitoring of starters and leavers
  • Training and development
  • Integration with payroll or time and attendance

With so many HR systems on the market, each with their own specifications, usability and price structures, it can be a difficult and time-consuming task for employers to source tried and tested HR systems.

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