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Compliance with employment law is a crucial consideration for all employers, from smaller local businesses to national operations. Because employment law is something of a ‘moving target’ with new legislation constantly being introduced, employers can soon find their personnel procedures and literature obsolete, leaving them more vulnerable to the risks posed by employment tribunals.Employment tribunals are easy to apply for and commonplace in today’s “no win, no fee” claim culture. In 2008/09 alone, 151,000 cases were accepted by the Tribunals Service, and 297,000 the previous year. 13% of tribunals in that same period were decided in favour of the employee. When you consider that the average award for successful claims at employment tribunals last year was approximately £2500, it is easy to see the potential for a serious financial impact on any company whose personnel procedures and documentation are not compliant with current employment law.

As a result of the increasing need for employment law compliance in the UK, many business services providers are now offering a broad range of tailored packages to help employers fulfil their legal obligations. Such services include the following:

  • Updated & legally compliant employee handbooks and contracts of employment
  • Dedicated consultants who can advise on documentation and personnel issues
  • Online access to forms needed for personnel procedures
  • Guaranteed 24-hour advice help-lines
  • Financial advice guarantees and indemnities to cover the cost of defending a tribunal

There are a huge variety of employment law companies offering such services with varying packages and price structures. It can therefore be difficult and time-consuming for employers to source trusted companies who can help them through the minefield of employment legislation.

Tendervendors assists employers by approaching only the market-leaders in employment law services and employment tribunal indemnity on their behalf, free of charge. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the business services sector, and use this expertise to gather quotes from quality suppliers based on their track record and reputation for quality services.

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